Why clients use LCA Solutions
  • One of the reasons we have succeeded in building an award winning business is that we are able to show clients we focus on servicing their needs and advising them of what is best for them, rather than representing the interests of a provider that is trying to sell them a service.
  • We are not “asset managers”, but rather “asset allocators” since our aim is to find the best solution available in the market that will fit the clients’ needs irrespective of the underlying bank/asset manager/service provider (“best of breed” approach). We are not promoting or selling our products, we source solutions for our clients.
  • Our goal is to enable clients to have choices by informing clients on such available choices and not limit them with a pre-determined offering and selling it to them.
  • Our boutique approach is to offer a single point of contact through a team of Industry Veterans that will coordinate all your financial needs; it also is to ensure that we build a long term relationship based on servicing your overall and changing needs and not only broker a one-off transaction.
  • As owners, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized and professional service to all our clients. Our reputation rides on the quality of our service, and our growth on the word of mouth highlighting such service.
  • We are a fully regulated, one-stop-solution center for financial needs.
  • We take into account a consolidated overview of your situation for efficient advice and risk management.
  • No additional layers of fees when using our services instead of directly using a private bank.