We provide a forum to source answers to the numerous non-financial issues you face (generational transfer, legal structuring, family governance etc.).

Whatever the issue, we are here to listen and see how we can source the most appropriate solution for you while coordinating with external expertise if such is not held amongst us.

Example of Issues you might have thought about:

  • You wonder if your existing structure is up to date
  • Your circumstances/intentions have changed and you wonder what you need to do to reflect these changes
  • You wonder how the recent regulatory changes and reporting requirements affect you and your family…and if you are prepared for them
  • You wonder if you and your family are fully ready for the generational transfer that will inevitably come
  • You have inherited an historical structure with various bank relationships along with the various people attached to handling the issues for many years; You would like an outside view and independent assessment of the efficiencies and gaps of the present framework.
  • As a person not always involved in the actual details of implementation, you wonder how to move forward to answer your needs and aspirations.
  • You worry you or your family don’t know enough on a specific topic if anything was to happen; What happens if….? And who can I turn to ? Is a question you ask yourself

If any of these points on change, and being ready for it, are issues that resonate with you. We are here to help you!

We know how hard such issues can look and how difficult it can be to address them… so we are here to help you deal with them so you can enjoy the benefits of putting them to rest.

As veterans of the field, we offer a Professional process which remains independent from the emotions that naturally come with dealing with such issues.