We help you prepare for the next generation

  • Succession is a statistical nightmare.
  • Various research shows us that approximately 30 percent of Family Business survive into the second generation and only 12 percent into the third generation. Surprisingly, only 3 percent operate at the fourth generation and beyond.
  • Why do Families fail during transitions? Of the 70% that fail to transition successfully;
    • 60% fail due to problems with communication and trust.
    • 25% fail due to a lack of preparation from the next generation.
    • 15% fail from all other issues (e.g. poor tax or financial planning, legal advice, etc.)
  • Therefore, roughly 85 percent of business transitions fail due to a lack of communication, trust or next generation competency.

How we help you prepare for the statistical nightmare

We help your Family’s internal communication by planning events to foster bonding and reduce mistrust
  • Educate the NextGen and inform existing stakeholders on the details and internal workings of the Family wealth and business activities.
  • Elaborate common vision and goals.
  • Understand and coordinate the interest and role of all stakeholders going forward.
We help you streamline your Family’s investment process to avoid misunderstandings and procrastination
  • Discuss and assess risk/reward appetite taking into account inter-generational interest and expectations.
  • Formulate investment policies and procedures that create common interest and accountability.
  • Review existing, assess gaps and elaborate implementation plan to reach determined goals.
We help your Family review its existing position in light of changing external landscape
  • External regulatory impact assessment.
  • Internal review of existing structures and operating model including impact of domiciliation and nationalities of the various stakeholders to safeguard overall family assets.
We help your Family create a professional approach for its own internal dealings
  • Establish family forum for all to be heard and answered.
  • Create efficient Business Contingency Plan.
  • Best practice approach to provide overall transparency, fairness and accountability of process.